Why your Christmas Cactus – Easter Cactus goes limp after flowering

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In this Blog I am going to be talking about the very common wilting that often occurs after flowering with Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis Cacti, more commonly known as the Christmas and Thanksgiving Cacti and the Easter Cactus.

Schlumbergera buckleyi, Schlumbergera buckley flowers,

My Schlumbergera buckleyi cactus plant in flower in May 2017

Christmas cactus wilting after flowering, Christmas cactus limp after flowring,

The same plant that was flowering above is now limp in June 2017 and this is a common occurrence after flowering as the plant is now in rest.

I have had a few people contact me very concerned that their Christmas and or Easter cacti are dying because they have noticed their cactus goes limp and lifeless after it has flowered even though previously it had been sending out lots of new shoots and flowered so beautifully only now to see it looking sad and limp.

The good news is guys that fear not your cactus is not dying or even sad haha it is just taking a rest.

Just like after a Mother that has just given birth after carrying a child for 9 months she needs to rest, rest, rest ( if she is lucky LOL! ) and this is EXACTLY the same with the Christmas and Easter Cacti, producing buds and flowers takes up a LOT of the plants internal energy stores, and while the plant is producing buds and flowers it will be looking AMAZING, after it has bloomed the plant wants to relax and recuperate its energy back up again so it can send out lots of new growths and shoots in the following weeks 🙂

Naturally a lot of people will think their plant is wilting and going weak due to not enough water and they mistakenly give it more water which is the worst thing to do as this could encourage rot, so it is important that after the flowering stage you do not overwater your plant or fertilize it. It is best to keep your plant on the drier side and withhold all plant feed until the plant starts to send out new shoots again in the following weeks and just let your plant rest after its flowering period.

Your Christmas / Easter Cactus will start to recover anytime from 2- 6 weeks and when it does you will notice new shoots growing then it is safe to start to fertilize and water regularly again 🙂

As with all types of Cacti and succulents its always best to not over water or fertilize immediately after flowering as all plants like to have a bit of a rest afterwards 🙂 although with the desert cacti they do not wilt haha 🙂

Here is  a video that I have made for my You Tube channel Desert Plants of Avalon on why your Christmas /Easter cactus goes limp after flowering and you can watch this video below :

I hope you found this Blog helpful and that you are aware of why this happens to your Christmas and Easter cactus and not to worry as this is normal.

Thanks so much for reading guys and sending you all tons of love and plant power from Ireland <3



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  1. hi Lyn,

    Regards here from The Netherlands. I follow your YT channel and so amazed how much the variety of cacti there is in the world. For sooo long I’ve been looking for cuttings of the Hatiora Rosea with the oblong leaves and tiny little flowers in pink. I hope you can help me. And if there is a possibility to buy a cutting from you or anyone else I would be so grateful. I’ve been searching for this kind of cacti online in the Netherlands but they are all sold out and not coming back. Hope someone in Ireland can help me out. 🙂