The Correct Ph of water for your Cacti and Succulent Plants

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In this Blog I am going to be talking top you about the Ph of your water that you use for watering your Cacti and Succulent plants.

Ph water testing strips

Ph water testing kits for testing the Ph of your water for watering your Cacti & succulent plants

You may have never given the water you use for your plants a thought before, and just switch the tap on and fill your watering can and water your plants, and this is what I also did for many years before I moved over to Ireland 10 years ago.

When I lived in England the tap water in the region I was living was neutral at a Ph of 7, but when I came over to Ireland for the first year I used the tap water not thinking about the pH and I lost some plants due to root loss which surprised me as I was always very careful with watering.

I realized that it could be the water and I tested the tap water and the pH was 9, WOW my eyes came out on stalks 🙂 🙂 and my screams were heard for miles 🙂 haha

Water test kits

Testing my Rainwater and my tap water, both have completely different Ph levels, my rainwater is 5.5Ph and my Tap water is over 8.Ph which is far too alkaline for Succulent plants.

Luckily I switched to rainwater, and since switching to using rainwater my plants have thrived, and thankfully being in Ireland I always have an abundance of rain water always on hand haha!

I always recommend using clean rainwater as much as possible to water your plants, as tap water is often high in chemicals as well as having a high pH.

Please be aware though that if you are living in a very busy polluted City or Town with high traffic levels then your local rainwater may not be the best to use due to pollution.

On the very rare occasions my rainwater ran out, I successfully have used tap water with white vinegar to bring down the pH of the tap water, but this can be time consuming if you have a very large collection, but definitely worth it if you are unable to get access to rainwater due to living in a polluted City and you have a very high Ph level of your tap water.

Depending on the amount of water you need to use, you will need to gradually add the white vinegar and test it with your pH tester to get the desired pH level.

Water Ph test kit

Ph water test strips they are cheap to buy on ebay

As a rough guesstimate 🙂 add roughly 3 to 4 teaspoons of white vinegar per 5 gallons of water (25 ltrs) but really add a little at a time stir it well, test and use accordingly.

I noticed such a huge difference in how healthy the root systems of my plants are when I come to re-pot them after using rainwater, compared to years ago when I got caught out by using tap water with a high pH and often the plants would lose their roots.

Most tap water is hard alkaline water with a high pH that over time can make the pH of your soil too high, and this may encourage root loss and or rot. The ideal soil pH should be between 5.5 to 6.5 pH.

You can also test the Ph of your soil too and you can purchase Soil testing kits from most Garden Shops and online gardening websites

The range of water pH you will be looking for is also in this range, so check with your local water company to find out the pH of your local tap water, but you can purchase a pH tester kit from a local garden centre or aquatic store and test this yourself or you can easily purchase them on ebay and the Ph water testing kits that are the paper strips are usually cheap to purchase and these are what I use.

I don’t use a soil pH tester, but I do use a paper pH tester to test on my rainwater as these testers are so cheap to purchase and all you need to do is simply dip the tip in the water you are testing and align it with the numbered coloured scale.

My Ph water test showing my rain water Ph to be between 6 -7 which is perfect

My pH water test showing my rain water pH to be between 6 -7 which is perfec

Here is a video that I have made for my You Tube channel Desert Plants of Avalon on the correct Ph to use for your Cacti & succulents and I include a test to show you how to test your water to find out the Ph.

If you want to know more about watering Cacti and Succulents then here is a video that I have made for my you Tube channel Desert Plants of Avalon on How to water Cacti and Succulent plants

I hope that you found this Blog helpful and informative Guys and sending you all lots of love and Happy Growing from Ireland 🙂

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