How to know when to water your Cacti and Succulent Plants in the Spring

watering Cacti and succulent plants

Hi Guys 🙂 Spring is very NEARLY here YIPPPPEEEEEE! The thought of lots of buds and blooms on our indoor plants and in our gardens and the longer and sunnier Continue Reading →

Moving my cacti & Succulents back into the greenhouse for Summer

Cacti and succulent plants in the greenhouse

Hi Guys 🙂 I had a busy 2 days last week moving a lot of my cacti and succulent plants back into the greenhouse again for the Spring and Summer. Continue Reading →

How to water your Cacti and succulent plants

Watering cans and pump water spray

Hi Guy’s 🙂 There are many various different types of succulent plants, because of this when it comes to how and when to water your cacti and succulent plants it Continue Reading →