My Saguaro – Carnegiea gigantea Seedlings UPDATE

Saguaro, Saguaro seedlings, Saguaro cactus seedlings, Carnegiea gigantea,Carnegiea gigantea seedlings

Hi Guys 🙂 Last month I was so lucky to have received seeds of Saguaro – Carnegiea gigantea from my wonderful and very generous friend Keith aka Groovyman 1968 on Continue Reading →

My Succulent Plants & Cactus seed Gifts from Arizona

Fouquieria splendens, Fouquieria splendens plant, Ocotillo, Ocotillo plants, Ocotillo cactus, Ocotillo succulent plant, Candlewood, Slimwood, Coachwhip, Vine Cactus, Flamingsword, Jacob's Staff,

Hi Guys 🙂 YIPPPPPPPPIE! I was thrilled to absolute bits to receive a parcel tube through the post of AMAZING Succulent Plant goodies from my very generous Cactus and Succulent Continue Reading →