15,000 Subscribers on my You Tube Channel THANK YOU ALL

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WOW Guys 🙂 I am absolutely thrilled to have reached over 15,000 subscribers on my Cacti & Succulent Horticultural You tube Chanel called Desert Plants of Avalon. My You Tube Continue Reading →

Johnstown Garden Centre and my new Plant purchases

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Hi Guys 🙂 while on the way to Dublin I couldn’t resist stopping on the way up the road to visit one of my favourite Garden centres here in Ireland, Continue Reading →

SPECTACULAR Exotic Plant Oasis in a Dublin office Foyer

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I was AMAZED to see this INCREDIBLE Exotic Plant Oasis in the foyer of an Office block building while visiting Dublin City Centre  🙂 I was walking along the street Continue Reading →

My AMAZING visit to Urban Plant Life Garden Centre, Dublin City, Ireland

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Hi Guys 🙂 I am so excited to share with you that on Saturday 1st October I visited to the most AMAZING Garden centre in Dublin City Centre here in Continue Reading →

Cactus Seed Growing Competition update

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Hi guys 🙂 Here is the latest photo’s and update on my Chamaecereus silvestrii cactus seedlings ( Peanut Cactus) that I sowed for the You Tube Cactus Seed growing competition Continue Reading →

WOW! my Gymnocalycium Cactus flowers have changed colour Overnight

Gymnocalycium baldianum, Gymnocalycium baldianum flowers, Gymnocalycium venturianum,

Hi Guy’s 🙂 I was amazed this week to see these beautiful flowers on my two Gymnocalycium baldianum cactus plants and although cactus flowers always amaze me with their beauty, Continue Reading →

How to keep your Cacti & Succulents clean and dust free

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Hi Guys 🙂 In this blog I will be sharing my tips on how I keep my Cacti and Succulents clean and dust free 🙂 I am often asked what Continue Reading →

OH NO! Mealybug infestation on my Cactus plant

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I was horrified yesterday to notice a very severe case of Mealybug infestation on my large old Epiphyllum ackermanni cactus plant. This big cactus looked perfect at first glance, but Continue Reading →

Rare species of Cacti found – of the Hosepipe variety

Lyn Kimberley, Lyn Kimberley Waterford Ireland, Lyn Kimberley Ireland

Hi Guys 🙂 I have something amazing to tell you 🙂 there is a very rare species of never seen before Cacti that have been found growing in the wild Continue Reading →

How to care for Echeveria succulent plants

Echeveria Duchess of Nurenburg, Echeveria perle Von Nurnburg, Echeveria, purple Echeveria,

Hi Guys 🙂 Here are a few of my growing tips that I want to share with you on how I grow and care for my Echeveria succulent plants 🙂 Continue Reading →