Potting up my 20 year old Aloe variegata that lost its roots.

Aloe variegata plant

Hi Guys:-) In this Blog I am going to be talking about my 20 year old Aloe variegata plant that lost its roots over the winter. I have grown this Continue Reading →

My Aloe variegata Succulent plant in full bloom today :-)

Aloe cariegata flowers, Aloe variegata blooms, partrdidge breast aloe flowers, aloe flowers

I am so pleased to see my Aloe variegata succulent plant in full beautiful peach coloured bloom this week 🙂 I have had this plant for nearly 20 years, and Continue Reading →

There is a big Bud on my Aloe variegata ( Tiger Aloe ) plant

Aloe variegata flowers, Aloe variegata, Aloe variegata flower bud

I am not a Winter person at all and dislike the cold and wet weather and the long dark nights and short day’s, but when I see flower buds forming Continue Reading →