Spring 2017 has started off with a BLOOMING LOVELY start

Hi Guys 🙂

I am so happy to see lots of signs of buds and blooms already this Spring so far, and I have many of my Epiphyllums, Mammillaria’s Aporocacti, Echinocereus, and Succulents all showing signs of buds YIPPEEEE, so far Spring 2017 has started off with a BLOOMING LOVELY start 🙂

What is very funny is that my Schlumbergera truncata commonly known as the Thanksgiving Cactus or the Christmas Cactus due to it normally blooming from mid Oct to end of Dec is re- blooming for me again now in April, I have to laugh because I think it thinks its an Easter Cactus haha :-))))

Here are a few photos of my Cacti and succulents that have been flowering for me already so far and watch out for many more photos and videos of my flowering Cacti & Succulent beauties over the coming days and weeks 🙂

Parodia magnifica flowers, Parodia magnificus flowers, Notocactus magnificus flowers,

My Parodia magnifica cactus in bloom April 2017

Schlumbergera truncata, Schlumbergera truncata flowers, Thanlsgiving cactus flowers, Thanksgiving cactus pink flowers, Christmas cactus pink flowers,

My Schlumbergera truncata commonly known as The Thanksgiving or Christmas Cactus flowering April 2017  I think this cactus thinks its an Easter cactus haha

Echeveria agavoides, Echeveria agavoides flowers,

My Echeveria agavoides in flower April 2017

Graptopetalum paraguayense, Graptopetalum paraguayense flowers,

My Graptopetalum paraguayense succulent plant in flower March 2017

Rhipsalis paradoxa flowers

My Rhipsalis paradoxa blooming March 2017

Crassula rupestris flowers, Crassula flowers,

My Crassula rupestris flowering February 2017

Wishing you all wherever you live in the world a BLOOMING WONDERFUL day XXXX <3

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