Potting up my 20 year old Aloe variegata that lost its roots.

Hi Guys:-)

In this Blog I am going to be talking about my 20 year old Aloe variegata plant that lost its roots over the winter.

I have grown this plant for 20 years and it has been through many house moves over the years, including moving over from England to live here in Ireland and then 7 house moves since being in Ireland, and has been with me in my plant collection a long time and is very sentimental to me. 🙂

Every year in late Winter /early Spring this beautiful Aloe has blessed me with the most striking of coral coloured blooms and they last for a number of days brightening up the whole of my conservatory.

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My Aloe variegata plant in beautiful flower in February last year 2016

When I noticed that my Aloe variegata was looking a bit thin at the base in January this year I got a bit concerned and decided to take a closer look, upon inspection I noticed the whole of the base of the plant had come away and had rotted and the plant had lost all of its roots, thankfully the top part of this plant was very healthy so I was relieved to know that I should be able to save this plant and treat it as cutting 🙂

I made an emergency cut on all of the rotted base and let the cut base to callus over for almost 2 months. the reason I left it for so long was because it was still Winter and with the cold temperatures and reduced light the plant would be reluctant to recover and  I thought it would be best to treat this plant as I would a large cutting.

Now this Aloe had fully ‘callused’ over from where it had been cut and had formed a nice healed base and now it is Spring YIPPEEEE I decided it was time to pot up 🙂

Aloe variegata plant losing roots

The base of my Aloe variegata has healed ‘callused’ over completely after being left over the Winter after losing its roots, now this plant is ready to pot up now its Spring.

I chose a pot that was much smaller than the size of this large Aloe because at this stage I only want to encourage the plant to send out roots and if I potted it up into a larger pot to match the size of this plant, the extra soil could encourage rot until this plant had chance to form a good root system. Too much soil in a pot around the root system of Succulents can be a common cause of rot especially if the soil is kept damp, this is also what may have happened to this Aloe.

Succulent plant soil

The soil mix I used is John innes which is a loam based soil and I added extra perlite and sand for extra drainage.

Usually when potting up large Cactus or Succulent cuttings I would recommend tying them onto a cane or piece of wood for support, but because this Aloe has grown into a spiralling habit over the many years I knew that I had to support this plant on something that this plant would be able to lean onto, so I decided to place the plant on the large quartz rock I had this Aloe resting on originally.  This large quartz rock I found a number of years ago when I lived on the West Coast of Ireland in County Sligo, and I found this rock at a very beautiful scenic mountainous region called ‘Ladies Brae’  this large rock worked perfect for supporting this large and very top heavy Aloe as well as looking very wonderful 🙂

Aloe variegata,

My Aloe variegata plant ready to be planted into its new pot. I am treating this plant as a cutting. the large natural quartz rock will be perfect for acting as support for the plant as well as looking visually wonderful.

Aloe variegata,

My Aloe variegata plant all potted up in a well drained loam based potting soil with extra Horticultural sand and perlite for drainage.

Aloe variegata

My 20 year old Aloe variegata all potted up and resting against a natural large quartz rock that I had found at a natural beauty spot here in Ireland.

My Aloe variegata looks wonderful all potted up again and I will be treating this plant as a cutting and keeping this plant in a warm bright spot and only keeping the soil in the pot very lightly moist just enough to encourage rooting. 🙂

Here is a video that I have made for my You Tube channel Desert Plants of Avalon where I pot up this Aloe variegata and you can watch this video below :


I will post updates on this Aloe when it roots and share more photos and videos over the coming weeks:-)

Sending you all lots of love and Plant Power from Ireland and HAPPY SPRING to YOU ALL

2 thoughts on “Potting up my 20 year old Aloe variegata that lost its roots.

  1. Wow! I had no idea these aloe could get so big! I bought one last year and it has survived our winter. Can’t wait to watch mine over the years!

    • Hi Robin 🙂 thank you so much 🙂 sending you an abundance of love and heaps of plant power from right across the Emerald Isle for a wonderful day XXXX <3