Our WONDERFUL Plant Gifts from Mick ‘The Grumpy Gardener.

Hi guys πŸ™‚

Me and my WONDERFUL Fiance Hans are so happy to have received some cuttings of a Portulacaria afra Succulent and lots of Sunflower seeds from our FANTASTIC friend Β Mick aka ‘The Grumpy Gardener’ on You Tube πŸ™‚

Portulacaria afra

The Portulacaria afra cuttings have come from Micks own plant and also the Sunflower seeds are from Micks own sunflowers πŸ™‚ so it makes it extra special πŸ™‚

We met Mick through his gardening You Tube Channel The Grumpy Gardener where Mick shares his AMAZING Allotment gardening and also shares lots of tips on growing your own fruit and veggies as well as many other tips on gardening πŸ™‚

Portulacaria afra

Portulacaria afra

Here is a video that I have made for my You tube channel Desert Plants of Avalon on the FANTASTIC Plant gifts that Mick has sent and you can watch this video below :

THANK YOU again Mick for your AMAZING Friendship and generosity and for all your support on both me and Hans You Tube channels πŸ™‚


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