My INCREDIBLE Fiance Hans moves to Ireland to live with me

Hi Guys 🙂

I am so HAPPY that last week my INCREDIBLE and VERY multi talented Fiance Hans has moved from Sweden to live with me here in Ireland FOREVER YIPPEEEEEEE 🙂

I am so HAPPY my GORGEOUS and VERY SEXY and multi talented Fiance Hans has moved all the way over from Sweden to live with me here in Ireland.

Hans is a very talented Musician and multi instrumentalist and Composer as well as a VERY talented Actor and Photographer in fact Hans is BRILLIANT at absolutely EVERYTHING and is a WONDERFUL kind and very caring Partner and I am a VERY lucky Woman 🙂

So HAPPY to see my GORGEOUS Fiance Han’s BEAUTIFUL plant collection arrived safe and sound here in Ireland 🙂

Hans is a MASSIVE Cacti and Succulent Plant addict as well as a Nature and gardening lover and it is so AMAZING that we are able to share our lives together and our love for nature and plants and gardening as well as healthy eating and our love of a Vegan cruelty free lifestyle 🙂

Hans has an INCREDIBLE collection of many Cacti and Succulent Plants as well as other houseplants that he has grown for many years some as long as forty three years from seeds, and it was so nerve racking for us to know that his plants would be boxed up for at least four days and shipped over from Sweden to Ireland and we were both worried that the plants would arrive safe and sound 🙂

Here are some photos that Hans has taken during the move of all his plants boxed up on the removal vans in Sweden ready for the long journey over to Sweden haha 🙂

The fantastic news is ALL the plants arrived safe and sound and other than very small damage to a couple of them that is easily repairable EVERY plant was PERFECT and even the buds on the Echinopsis Cacti managed to survive the journey and being boxed up for four days and we have the most INCREDIBLE of flower on Han’s Echinopsis eyriesii cactus in flower today that is out of this world with the beauty 🙂

Han’s BEAUTIFUL Echinopsis eyriesii cactus flower is out of this world and the bud survived the long journey and being boxed up for nearly four days 🙂

I am so happy to see Hans plants in the greenhouse and around our home enjoying all the sunshine we are having and his Echinopsis Cactus is now in the most INCREDIBLE of flower today WOO HOO 🙂

Both me and Hans are so BLESSED that my ex partner Sean is BEST friends with us BOTH and Sean even helped me and Hans with the move and came to collect Hans from the airport, and the wonderful thing is Sean even treated Hans to a BEAUTIFUL Clerodendrum plant as a welcome to Ireland pressie as Hans had to leave his Clerodendrum plant behind in Sweden as it was too large to move 🙂

My ex Partner Sean bought Hans a beautiful clerodendrum plant from Johnstown Garden centre on the way back from the airport to welcome him over to Ireland 🙂 we are so lucky to have Sean as our BEST friend 🙂

Here is a video of the removal vans arriving from the long journey from Sweden to our house here in Ireland that we made for my Youtube channel Desert Plants of Avalon and you can watch this video below 🙂

Stay tuned for future updates on Hans BEAUTIFUL plants and more videos of us both together haha 🙂

Thanks so much for reading guys and me and Hans are sending you LOVE and heaps of PLANT POWER from Ireland XXXX <3

2 thoughts on “My INCREDIBLE Fiance Hans moves to Ireland to live with me

  1. So happy for the both of you have a wonderful life together and love your video on your plants!

    • Hi Karen 🙂 Thank you so very much for your wonderful message 🙂 me and Hans are sending you an abundance of love and heaps of happiness from Ireland and have a FANTASTIC weekend 🙂 lots of love Lyn XXXX <3