How to repot and Prune an Opuntia Cactus plant

Hi Guys 🙂

Re potting a cactus is not the most exciting part of the passion of growing cacti haha and is often something all cacti growers dread 🙂

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A very large Opuntia Cactus next to a Cleistocactus at Birmingham Botanical Gardens Cacti and Succulents in the Arid House.

Opuntia cacti are often one of the hardest to re pot due to the many glochids that are loosely attached to their areoles, these come off easily sometimes just by looking at them haha 🙂

Opuntia are fast growing cacti and often grow top heavy, the pads are easily removed and after a few days left to callus over they can then be potted up as cuttings and you have new plants 🙂

Because of this both my Fiance Hans and me decided to make a video showing you the easiest and also the safest way to re pot and also how to prune Opunti cacti.

Hans is a fully qualified Horticulturist Scientist and has over 55 years of growing cacti & Succulents ever since he was a small child.

Here is a video I have made for my You Tube channel Desert Plants of Avalon where my AMAZING Fiance Hans shows you how to re pot an Opuntia and also how to prune them when they become top heavy and off balance 🙂

Hans has started his  own You Tube channel Fam.Cactaceae and other Beauties especially dedicated to Cacti & Succulents and other indoor and outdoor plants and he will be sharing lots of tips and how to videos on growing plants and sharing beautiful videos of his Photography of many cacti flowers so please do go and subscribe to his AMAZING channel :

Thanks so much for reading guys and hope this video should help you out if you need to prune and re pot your Opuntia cactus /cacti 🙂





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  1. Hello Lyn,
    I truly enjoy your videos and they have taught me so much about succulents and cacti. Keep up the good work and I support your decision for an online nursery!!! I’d love to talk with you about your experiencesite and share my love for plants with you. Lots of love ♡
    ~ Nicholas ~