Epiphyllum Plant Virus and what it looks like

Hi Guys 🙂

In this Blog I talk a bit about the Epiphyllum Plant Virus and also share some photos of my Epiphyllum plants that have this very common virus and also to let you guys know what the virus looks like and also so that you can be aware of this virus 🙂

There are many reasons why your Epiphyllum plants will show this virus on their leaves ( see photo below : ) sometimes a plant virus can enter the plants system by common sucking insects such as greenfly and mealy bug and thrips these sucking pests then spread the virus to many of the neighbouring plants, sometimes a plant can have a genetic disorder that carries the virus even though the plant has not been effected in any way by fungus attack or bugs.

Some people choose to discard the affected plant/s completely and start again, and to be honest that is the ONLY real way of eliminating the virus and preventing the virus from spreading to your other Epiphyllums, but personally if the virus is not too bad I will often cut out the effected parts with a clean sharp knife and use either Cinnamon powder or sulphur powder or spray with a copper fungicide spray, even though these virus are normally not fungal by origin, I still find that it can keep a check on the virus spreading any further, and often I have found the virus to be isolated to the one or two plants 🙂

Here are a few photos of the common virus so you know what to look out for on your epiphyllum plants 🙂

I have uploaded a video to my You Tube channel called Desert plants of Avalon of this Epiphyllum Plant Virus where I go into a lot more detail on the Epiphyllum plant virus and you can watch this video below :


Here is a video that i have made on How to care for Epiphytic plants and share my care tips on these amazing cacti plants, and because they like to be grown very different to the Desert Cacti I decided to make this video to help a lot of people new to growing these plants 🙂

If you want to know how to take cuttings of Epiphyllum 🙂 Here is a 3 part series I have made for my You tube channel Desert Plants of Avalon on How to prune Epiphyllum and how to take and also how to root cuttings 🙂

Part 1 How to prune Epiphyllum Plants :

Part 2 How to take cuttings of Epiphyllum Plants :

Part 3 How to root cuttings of Epiphyllum :

How to tell when an Epiphyllum cutting has taken root :

Thanks so much for reading guys and sending you all lots of love and happy growing from Ireland 🙂

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