Black Blisters / Pustules / Scabs on Trichocereus cacti and the causes

Hi Guys πŸ™‚ In this Blog I will be talking about the black spots / blisters / scabs commonly seen on some types of Cereus cactus plants most commonly seen Continue Reading β†’

Why your Christmas Cactus – Easter Cactus goes limp after flowering

Christmas cactus wilting after flowering, Christmas cactus limp after flowring,

Hi Guys πŸ™‚ In this Blog I am going to be talking about the very common wilting that often occurs after flowering with Schlumbergera and Rhipsalidopsis Cacti, more commonly known Continue Reading β†’

This is what happens when a Cactus has too much to drink

split cactus, overwatering cacti,

Hi Guys πŸ™‚ We can all be the worst for wear if we have too much too drink haha and it is exactly the same for a Cactus πŸ™‚ Cacti Continue Reading β†’

Epiphyllum Plant Virus and what it looks like

Hi Guys πŸ™‚ In this Blog I talk a bit about the Epiphyllum Plant Virus and also share some photos of my Epiphyllum plants that have this very common virus Continue Reading β†’

So SAD that my beautiful Frithia pulchra plant has died BUT……there is good news

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Hi Guy’s πŸ™‚ I am so sad to see that my once beautiful Frithia pulchra succulent plant has died πŸ™ This beautiful plant I have grown for almost 20 years Continue Reading β†’

Potting up my 20 year old Aloe variegata that lost its roots.

Aloe variegata plant

Hi Guys:-) In this Blog I am going to be talking about my 20 year old Aloe variegata plant that lost its roots over the winter. I have grown this Continue Reading β†’

How to remove Scale from Cactus Plants

brushes to remove pests from plants, removing scale from plants, removing insects from plants, removing mealybugs from plants,

Hi Guys πŸ™‚ In this Blog I am going to be explaining what I use to remove insect pests such as scale insect and Mealybugs from my cacti and succulent Continue Reading β†’

OH NO! Mealybug infestation on my Cactus plant

Mealybug, Mealy bug, Mealybug insect, Mealybug pest, Mealybug on cactus, Mealybugs on cactus, Mealybugs on cacti, Mealybugs on cacti plants,

I was horrified yesterday to notice a very severe case of Mealybug infestation on my large old Epiphyllum ackermanni cactus plant. This big cactus looked perfect at first glance, but Continue Reading β†’

Natural corking on Cactus & Succulent plants

Corking on Cactus from the base up due to maturity

Hi Guy’s πŸ™‚ This Blog is about the brown ‘woody’ or bark like corking that you very often see on many mature Cactus plants and sometimes on older Succulent plants Continue Reading β†’

My 7ft tall Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis Cactus is under attack from mold

mold on Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis pad with mold growth

Hi Guy’s πŸ™‚ I am so gutted that in the past couple of days I have noticedΒ that one of my favorite cacti a 7ft tall Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis is covered in Continue Reading β†’