Our AMAZING Cacti, Succulent and Carnivorous Plant gifts from our friend shane

Agave, Agave's,

Hi Guys WOOO HOOO 🙂 Me and my AMAZING Fiance Hans are absolutely AMAZED and so HAPPY to have received a HUGE parcel of plant goodies from our VERY generous Continue Reading →

My Venus flytrap Seedlings ( Dionaea muscipula )update

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Hi Guys 🙂 Here is the latest update photos and video of my Venus Flytrap seedlings at five months old. I grew these Venus flytrap seedlings from seed from my Continue Reading →

Johnstown Garden Centre and my new Plant purchases

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Hi Guys 🙂 while on the way to Dublin I couldn’t resist stopping on the way up the road to visit one of my favourite Garden centres here in Ireland, Continue Reading →

There is a Mealybug nesting inside a trap of my Venus flytrap plant

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I was totally gobsmacked to see a Mealybug nesting right in the middle of one of the traps on my Venus flytrap plants the other day 🙂 When I tried Continue Reading →

How to Grow Venus Flytrap from Seed – Seedlings Update

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Hi Guys 🙂 Two Months ago I sowed the Venus Flytrap seeds ( Dionaea muscipula ) that I had from my own Venus Flytrap plant and I made a full Continue Reading →

How to grow Venus Flytrap plants from seed

Venus Flytrap plant, Dionaea muscipula,

Hi Guys 🙂 I was very lucky to have seeds from my Venus Flytrap plant ( Dionaea muscipula ) and in this Blog I am going to explain how you Continue Reading →

My Venus Fly Trap – Dionaea muscipula has produced seed

Venus fly trap seeds, Venus fly trap seed pods, Venus fly trap flowers, Venus fly trap pollination, Venus fly trap with seeds, Dionaea muscipula seeds

Hi guys 🙂 I am really happy to see that my Venus Fly Trap plant ( Dionaea muscipula ) has produced lots of seed pods bursting full of lots of Continue Reading →

My INCREDIBLE gift of Succulent and Carnivorous plants

Venus fly trap Dionaea muscipula

Hi Guy’s 🙂 WOW! I am absolutely thrilled to bits to have received the most incredible gift of Carnivorous plants and succulent plants from my wonderful and very generous friend Continue Reading →